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Bare Board Test Fixtures


Mile High Test Services has the unique ability to provide board manufacturers all levels and types of fixtures to compliment your own In-house test operations.

The most common request is a completely assembled fixture with test pins and netlist and repair files. We also provide fixtures that are programmed, drilled, assembled, and delivered to have the pins loaded at the user’s facility. If programming is what you need, we also can provide programming only, where we will process your customer supplied gerber files and email you a set of drill files, test program, and repair files for you to drill and assemble your own fixture to run on your machine.

For more complex solutions we also provide combinational fixture solutions. High Density parts spilt onto multiple fixtures or split between a fixture and flying probe.

Fixtures, Programs or a complete turnkey solution can be found for most any Test Machine at Mile High Test Services, Inc. Following you will find a variety of fixturing types and test equipment that can be handled.

Fixture Types   Test Equipment
  • 3.75” Fixtures – Single & Dual Sided
  • 3” Fixtures – Single & Dual Sided
  • 2” Fixtures – Single & Wired Clamshells
  • 1” Fixtures – Single & Wired Clamshells
  • Split Test Fixtures
  • Custom Applications
  • TTI – All Models
  • Trace – 916, 924, 948 models
  • ATG – 1000 and others
  • Mania & CircuitLine Machines
  • Everett Charles 9090
  • Everett Charles Kryterion

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